Annoying, isn’t it?

pexels-photo-289381Every day, I’ll bet you encounter something annoying.

Here’s thirty minutes from my day.

This morning there was an announcement over the tannoy that my train was delayed by six minutes. The tinny unrecognizable music emanating from the headphones of the guy in front of when I finally got on the train. The sun blazing in the window as I was transported to work. The passenger trying to board the train at the same time I was attempting to disembark. Arriving at the Pelican crossing at the precise moment the wee man turned red. The cyclists tearing up a pedestrianised zone which has seven separate signs telling them to dismount and walk for fifty yards.

All very annoying, and while being exposed to them there is the usual surge of emotions: anger, impatience, irritation, distraction, frustration. All very negative.

However, apart from recounting these incidents for this piece, I didn’t allow myself to be disproportionately annoyed by them. No moaning about them when I got to work. Not the subject of a rant at lunchtime. Failed to be part of the “how was your day” conversation when I made it home.

No chance I was going to allow myself to feed, nurture or extend my exposure to those emotions.

As a rule of thumb I allow myself the comfort of being annoyed by annoying things, but only for as long as they remain annoying. When they end, that’s it. Annoyance over, being annoyed ceases. Carrying that feeling of annoyance for any longer is a waste of your valuable time and energy.

There is a difference from something being annoying, and allowing yourself to continue to be annoyed.

Learn to spot the difference.

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