(Anti) Social Media

pexels-photo-607812I have an early confession to share with you. I am on Facebook and Twitter. More engaged (hooked) on the latter. I reckon I check in with the Blue Bird every hour or so.

Is that obsessive?

Social media can be a powerful, positive tool. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t for the technological advancements that enable us to connect with people from all around the world at any given moment in time.

For all that, this connectivity can be problematic. Not the engagement between individuals, but the social engineering side (ok, maybe that sounds over dramatic).

Social media now sets many people’s agenda. We see or are told what we are expected to look like, what goods we should aspire to own, sometimes how we should think.

If I had one piece of advice about Social Media it would be to take it all with a pinch of salt. See it as a game, a bit of fun, nothing more. Don’t get enraged, jealous, opinionated.

There’s plenty of stuff close to home to get involved in without obsessing over a celebrity you have never met, a political opinion you don’t understand, or the latest fashion fad that will change like the wind. It’s not worth it, and your furious tapping on a keyboard won’t make a difference anyway.

You are likely to miss something important right in front of you because you are staring into the screen of your phone or tablet. I see mums and dads pushing a pram or buggy, but instead of chatting to the child being transported (which is what I did with Ryan, pointing out the colours of cars and different types of doggies we encountered), they are on their phones. Kids need the active engagement with their parent, or primary care giver. The phone doesn’t.

I’m not advocating the end of Social Media, it most definitely had its place, but I think we should put it in the right place in the pecking order.

A thing is never more important than a person – never.

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